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About Me

Hi,  My name is Leslie and I am a psychic, empathic, medium. I have  been blessed with these gifts, so that I may help people. I am able to  read peoples energies, which enables me to understand them and any  occurring situation. Whether it is to connect with someone who has  passed on, speak with your Spirit Guides, or to get advice on a  situation or relationship you have concerns about, I would like to help  you. There are reasons for everything that happen in our lives.  Sometimes when you are in the middle of something, it can be hard to see  what those reasons are. Whoever the spirits are that come through, they  come out of love and a desire to help you. People enter into our lives,  always at just the right moment. By reading this, I have entered into  yours. If you would like to find out why, please call me. I look forward  to meeting you.  Love and light,  Leslie

Why I do this

There is always a reason why people come into our  lives. Sometimes, it is for a short period of time, to help us learn a  particular lesson. When we have learned that lesson, the relationship  generally changes and often, we part ways. Other people are meant to be  with us for much longer, whether it is for friendship or romance. There  are those with whom we have a past life connection. We feel like we have  know them for a long time, when actually we have just met. At times we  are meant to reconnect with these souls, in order to clear karma we have  with them from the past. We may have agreed to be with them in this  life, to support them through whatever life issues present themselves.  Whatever the case may be, I can help you to figure it out. When it comes  to romantic relationships, there are always a lot of questions. People  come into our lives when we are ready for them. Whether it is for the  long term, or not, I can help you look at your path and bring some  clarity to it. The universe can make things happen in the most amazing  ways, if we let it. Ways we would never have thought of on our own. The  secret is to stay open to that. Please call if I can help you in any way.

Testimonial 1

"I have been having readings done with Leslie for years. Leslie has been  'bang on' with each reading. I have phoned several times to say 'well  how does it feel to be right again?' " Jan, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia 

Testimonial 2

"I was maliciously slandered and found myself in the court  system. Leslie was recommended by a friend on Salt spring Island and  through her readings by phone I have gained both peace and insight and  still consult with her in times of need." Christine, Ottawa, Ontario 

Testimonial 3

"When I first saw Leslie, I was experiencing a time of loss and grief.  With her abilities I was able to have accurate communications with  immediate results. My health and relationships have improved and I have  picked up on some of my personal skills. Leslie has become my psychic  shrink." Meghan, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia 

Testimonial 4

"I was impressed with Leslie's clarity and the ease that she has while  communicating with spirits. I found it funny that she was answering my  questions while I was still trying to get the question out." John, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia 

Testimonial 5

"Many thanks to Leslie for the reading she gave me regarding the loss of  my daughter. Thank you Leslie. I'll definitely recommend you to  others." Mike, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia 

Testimonial 6

 I have had several readings with Leslie and each and every one has been extremely accurate and bang on.  The way Leslie communicates is very heart centered yet direct.  It is always amazing who shows up and the messages that are received.  I have and would recommend Leslie to anyone looking to have an efficient, accurate and thorough reading.   Keep shining your brilliant light Leslie! Thank you for realizing and coming in your gift and for sharing it with other for their empowerment and growth.
Joanne, Ontario

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